Lambeth 2013 Model United Nations Conference – Wednesday 20 March 2013

The Lambeth Model United Nations Conference held at Elmgreen School last week was a fine example of young people courageously giving back to teaching and learning.  Because on display for guests and observers to applaud and staff to be justly proud, was their confident approach to some daunting issues and highly articulate presentations constructed in response to amendments and delivered as member states, facing the realities of delegates and the responsibilities of global citizens. As a guest and privileged observer it was encouraging to see their words starting to become friendly allies in the articulation of thoughts, with previous hints of apprehension starting to fade, to be replaced by a command of both language and their situation, something that had always been there for them and with practise it always will be. 

As with all events success is dependent upon careful preparation and their frequently measured response to challenging questions, experienced within the cut and thrust of debate was clearly grounded in the professional guidance from their teachers and a generous level of expertise from external consultant Ms Mussaret Bagum.  This invaluable experience of learning by doing was negotiated well by the students, demonstrating an wholly self-managed expression of student voice in Lambeth.  Another essential learning curve, providing further proof of early ability in Years 8 -10 and the advancement of our Lambeth schools, who with venues like Elmgreen and the leadership from John Wilkinson and Assistant Director CYPS Cathy Twist, we are steadily becoming a force for the good, in continuity of credibility and all that is noteworthy in teaching and learning in the Twenty First Century.  Congratulations to you all!


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