A double whammy for the Streatham BID and BRAVE the movie – Friday 22 February 2013

Next door to the Mayor’s Parlour is Room 126 and on Friday last it became the nerve centre for Electoral Services and the emotional focus for the long awaited outcome for the Streatham BID.  As the count was being completed, in what was a crucial decision for the business community, the burning question for everyone in the room was, would Streatham businesses lend their support to the concept of a Business Improvement District?  Well the answer was a definite and resounding yes, with 84% of those who voted clearly in favour of what must surely be good news for Streatham and a further endorsement for the commitment of our Commercial Town Centre Manager Angelina Purcell.

Equally, congratulations, to the Streatham Odeon for their highly original promotion for BRAVE the movie because back in late July the following appeared on the Mayor’s Webpage. `Meridian is the central character in the latest Disney movie now playing at the Odeon in Streatham where I caught up with Cinema Manager Sussannah Mortimer and General Manager David Carpenter on Saturday afternoon.  

The exploits of BRAVE is your local movie must.  Its just right for the holidays and if the foyer games and activities that await you ahead of the onscreen action, written for audiences of all ages are as much fun for you as they were for me, then is entertainment all the way in the safe hands of Marie, Leon and Steve, our Odeon team who add that extra ingredient of welcome to the enjoyment of this delightful movie.


With that sort of appeal it was not too much of a surprise to hear that this animated adventure story was amongst the nomination but to learn that it had won best in its category at the Oscars was surely a high-five for the team at the Streatham Odeon.  And although this congratulatory link to Hollywood is only tenuous it is an indication that Streatham has much to offer and not least in the contemporary influence of the creative arts and if the decision on the BID is anything to go by another substantial credit for the local business community.”


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