Entrepreneurs on high voltage with Brand Amplifier – Tuesday 19 February 2013

Enterprise is sometimes difficult to define when taken out of context but when applied to women in business it generally means a self-motivated crafting of opportunities through which to be seen, heard and taken seriously, with environments suitable for promoting self and your product few and far between.  But not at the Brand Amplifier Awards at the ITV studios on Tuesday evening, because marketing a brand name was the driver for animated conversations and visualising, a standard technique for all those who presented to the judges.

This promotional experience was a huge success, with the sell out event sponsored by RBS and packed with young female entrepreneurs whom Lambeth council have recognised in demonstrating that they are a local authority prepared to lend their practical weight to the predicable rhetoric.  The evening delivered an inspirational event aimed at getting more young women into business roles as leaders of SME’s, that is those small to medium sized organisations that made up the majority of the trade delegation that the prime minister very wisely decided to take with him on his trip to India.

The event was hosted by Jeannette Pritchard from JP Creative, an established entrepreneur herself and acknowledged Lambeth Champion who gave us some very good reasons to celebrate this clever rebranding of the original business awards.  Apart from offering us the benefits of being Brixton based, her on-platform photogenic presence as a young woman with top quality business skills, is just the role model we need and stacks up well alongside South London’s best loved son, Levi Roots and our Guardian award winning Chief Executive, in promoting achievements and increasing our inward investment.

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