Deputy Lieutenant welcomes award winning cadets to Lambeth Town Hall – Tuesday 29 January 2013

The Mayor was very pleased to be able to offer the use of parlour to our Deputy Lieutenant on the important occasion of awarding certificates to Army and Air Cadets.  The evening was one of professional celebration with the impressive citations delivered with an obvious sense of pride, in the presence of Commandant South East London Army Cadet Force Colonel Simon Ettinghausen, ACF and ATC Officers and welcomed support from family and friends.

The strength of the ACF following is much to be applauded but this would not be possible without the dedication and commitment from those adult leaders across the whole of the youth group representation throughout London and the Home Counties.  Moreover, unless familiar with the work through personal involvement or previous background, we tend to take for granted the availability of leadership roles in guiding the ambitions of these young people.  With the hard facts being that gaining a placement as a cadet is very much dependent upon the weight of commitment from adults with time and experience to take on the demands of leadership, so essential in developing the qualities of achievement that were clearly apparent in the citations at the award ceremony.

The occasion marked a first for the Mayoral Team as hosts for the ceremony in Lambeth, but certainly not to been seen as a one-off for those fortunate enough to be receiving awards because by the end of the evening plans were well in hand for another award ceremony arranged for next year, followed by discussions as to attendance at the Remembrance Day Parade in November and the expectations for what the Summer Camp in August might deliver in getting the very best out of life for a young person experiencing the companionship of belonging in an ACF or ATC uniform.

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