Entrepreneurs with an `on-line attitude’

Developing a small business especially in a challenging environment is a tough assignment but it would seem that for SME’s or small to medium size enterprises; trading credibility is built into their responsive `on-line attitude’ to business development and therefore more likely to surface as success stories.  Although, if the trading hopes and dreams are not meeting the cash flow promise or the business plan predictions, then perhaps getting out is better than gutsy persistence.

The progressive boss of Expedia commenting on the excellent BBC Television programme “Show me the money” is a good example of `on-line attitude’ in what is an extremely competitive business sector.  So why are these people so successful?  Simple, they have a keen eye and ear for what’s happening around them, keeping them close to any shift in customer needs or competitor aspirations.  Then comes the rapid hard-nosed review for learning in the fast lane, because unlike the top heavy plodders who are now no longer trading they welcome corrective criticism and when not performing to expectation, they cut bait or fine tune their approach in retaining business strength and client base loyalty.  In other words, `don’t lets talk decision-making lets do it’ because what was previously right for business conditions, might need tweaking in order to keep ahead of the game which is certainly the way of it for Expedia and people like hoteliers Novotel.

In Lambeth there are some notable key players where staying the distance using the hard facts of trading is within them either instructed through family or simply the experience of learning by doing.  In Streatham, we have many entrepreneurs in the business community with one running a dry cleaning operation near Streatham Hill Station.  Their prices are just right for their clientele with comfortable language offering deals on duvets or winter coats and a wicked spot cleaning service that’s close to forensic.  And further along the High Road, a hands-on wash and dry operation near St Leonard’s Church.  They certainly know their customers and what keeps them coming back for more, like when you take in two suits you get a healthy discounted price and for busy clients working late there’s a smart turnaround delivery service that the Mayor used recently in getting a couple of suits returned in good time for an important engagement.

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