Welcome to Waitrose Partners – Tuesday 22 January 2013

The latest store offering from Waitrose officially arrived in Lambeth on Tuesday morning and received a most encouraging welcome as another grocery retail jewel situated at 5, The Pavement Clapham Common.  According to the Manager Simon Curtis for whom opening stores is nothing new the Waitrose store fitting team were presented with a shell site on Thursday and over the next five days worked around the clock to produce a trading environment that Mark Price and his team in Bracknell can be justly proud and being just across the road from the Underground station, the location is town centre perfect for residents and easy access for commuters keen to take advantage of a quality `meal solution’.

The reputation of the John Lewis name is well documented with lookalikes difficult to reproduce because it’s a culture built up over many years and not applied like a coat of paint.  It seems so embedded that it doesn’t take long before the feeling of a partner becomes a comfortable fit with your future success determined by delivering those `moments of truth’ in branded customer service; with this established grocery retail expertise encouraged in new partners through learning as a personal perception of a shared goal and the bottom line linked to profit share.

The reports that Waitrose had received over 700 applications for the 55 partner vacancies was quickly confirmed by Emma Gordon a magazine journalist who was with me when I met Rachel one of the successful applicants whose response to being selected was, “I just wanted to thank Waitrose for giving me this chance” and for Joyce, who because of her age thought she stood no chance, increased her beaming smile to a full wattage strength when she explained how elated she felt on taking a telephone call to confirm her place on the team.  With the selection process, not one of what you can do but how you express yourself in the image that is Waitrose, Rachel and Joyce have found an instinctive home for their commitment and the springboard to a rewarding future with the John Lewis Partnership. Waitrose Clapham Opening by Mayor Bennett 22 Jan 2013 STU6242

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