The Mayor’s Christmas reception in the parlour – Monday 17 December 2012

During the week before Christmas the Mayoress and I along with the Mayoral Team were very pleased to receive colleagues from right across the authority, invited in recognition of their dedication and commitment to the continued success of the London Borough of Lambeth.

It turned out to be a unique occasion in several ways firstly, since I had just finished a Citizenship Ceremony, I arrived wearing full robes and entered the parlour to a packed audience for whom what happed next was as much a surprise for them as it was for Eddie our chauffeur and mace bearer.  Helping me make the change into day suit and chains was like having over thirty people in your dressing room!  But then after a couple of rousing choruses of “When the Saints Go Marching In” accompanied on the kazoo the scene was set for a fun time in the Town Hall.

The uniqueness of this reception was that for many of the invitees they were unlikely to meet in the course of their day to day functions and this was an ideal opportunity for them to find out what other people did and to explain their role within the informality of a Christmas gathering. 

It was an occasion for sharing their success with others both inside and outside the council and we do hope that this will be repeated next year in being able to acknowledge the contributions made by colleagues who make a real difference in the lives of those who deal with the Council. 

For the Mayoress and I we were delighted to be able to host such an enjoyable evening and in doing so learn about the work of the council throughout a range of different directorates and to become acquainted with the job functions of those for whom previously the Mayor’s Parlour was simply a location to be found in the Town Hall.

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