`Presenting and Learning Cross Culturally’ – Wednesday 16 January 2013

The professional personalities of London Underground Managing Director Mike Brown and Royal Mail’s CEO Moya Greene were in enthusiastic high profile last week, when they jointly hosted a reception to mark the issue of postage stamps depicting one hundred and fifty years of progress for the tube network since its arrival beneath the streets of our capital in 1863.

The joint airing of their complementary logistical thinking both on and off the platform was exciting to witness and most intriguing to contemplate the outcome, if this happy partnership of enterprise were to continue.  Speculation would be well founded as to what the boldness of constructive co-operation could achieve, for two organisations culturally poles apart but progressively joined at the hip in the delivery of public sector services that continue to defy the circling critics of measurable organisational change.

Measurable, because change is very easily expressed but a devilishly hard job to the deliver on the ground when applied to a culturally specific workforce, through which to promote the realities, but with two in the cab and delivery as the common denominator their different approaches to the needs of their respective businesses could be seen as a strength.  The encouraging mood of co-operation expressed through the non-verbal communication of senior representatives on Wednesday evening was just enough to initiate a lasting thaw with doubters, in the somewhat chilly atmosphere of the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, once home to a landlocked culture of uncertainly that now faces a far brighter future brimming with potential at Nine Elms and those anticipated job prospects south of the river in Lambeth.

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