Friends of Clapham Common Diamond Jubilee Oak Tree – Saturday 17 November 2012

The planting of a Diamond Jubilee Oak Tree on Clapham Common held great significance for the achievements of this Friends Group and their hard working Chairman, Melanie Oxley who has been able to foster a most rewarding partnership with Trees for Cities and their volunteers.

Over the last five years tree planting on Clapham Common has been an on-going task in all weathers and with the continued help and co-operation of so many loyal supporters, a further 158 standard trees to replace diseased and fallen stock would have been planted on Saturday, in addition to this commemorative royal oak that little Ruben and I safely introduced to its new site alongside a time capsule of wishes for the common.

The digging also exposed a stag beetle larva that was very quickly rescued by Melanie who reliably informed us that they are a most prized addition to our bio-culture and found more commonly in London, with Lambeth being recorded as having the highest density of their positive contribution to open space environments anywhere in our capital.  Another recognition for our progressive borough, as was the planting of this Royal Oak that now stands its ground beside a neatly inscribed commemorative plaque with decades of responsible growth ahead and the wishes for Clapham Common securely embedded in its roots with the earnest hope that for future generations these might become a reality and a reflection of what the Friends of Clapham Common have been able to achieve.

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