Kings College Hospital Limb Reconstruction Trust – Friday 9 November 2012

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons like Mark Phillips, Founder Trustee of Kings College Hospital Limb Reconstruction Trust have exceptional skills in being able to deal with the dreadful injuries sustained by crash victims, but he would be the first to agree that putting patients back together again does not necessarily mean a return to what was for the patient a normal life, by putting them on the path to psychological recovery.

It would seem that no matter how good the professional skills of the surgeon, with limited NHS funding, the extent of the treatment following surgery will usually ignore the psychological trauma of losing a limb.  This state of mind will be made even more painful with the crushing realisation that a life style that had previously been unfolding with effortless ease for a young man in perhaps his early twenties, was now to be changed permanently and with such devastating affect on the individual and his family.

The gender and age group for crash victims such as those sustaining injuries involving motor cycles, is male in the age range of 17 to 40 and for this reason KCH Limb Reconstruction Trust was set up about seven years ago and it was a great pleasure to be invited to one of the fund raising events arranged by this most worthy charitable trust.

The Mayoress and I have now been made aware of their work and the immense enthusiasm that they generate across related support groups, including many members of the legal professional.

We wish them every success, commending them for their generosity of time and applauding their role model in `giving back to the community’.

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