Fireworks Display: A clear night sky in Brockwell Park – Friday 2 November 2012

The weather was for once just what we wanted and with the right level and choice of music from the backing tracks, it was a perfect combination to pull in a capacity crowd who had arrived for what was a real `Rock with the Brock’ event in the Park.

Lee Fiorentino and his hard working events team were mindful of the occasion and were there alongside the contactors, all highly visible in making sure that this fireworks display, as with the Lambeth Country Show was yet another well managed speciality from the London Borough of Lambeth.

Although damp underfoot the spectators, many of whom were family groups with children on half-term and little ones brandishing the illuminated lights first seen in Star Wars, were there to enjoy themselves; although some; especially the very young were more content to be warmly wrapped up in the safety of a buggy, thrilling to the sounds of music and wide-eyed to the sky in amazement of this special night out.

It was good to open this event in a way that fitted the atmosphere and be able to introduce twenty three minutes of continuous light show display, the longest for any London borough and brought to us in Lambeth by the same professional pyrotechnics team who were responsible for the London 2012 Olympics.

No wonder there were regular shouts for more and as the final cloudburst of coloured lights and flashes filled the night sky over Brockwell Park, there were echoes of thanks from groups and individuals, keen to express their appreciation with prolonged applause for an event that the local authority can take deserving credit and full satisfaction for a job well done.

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