Archbishop Sumner Primary School Celebration Service – Thursday 11 October 2012

Although many had arrived at St Anselm’s Church Kennington as heavy rain began to fall, the award ceremony gave no indication of any dampened enthusiasm for what was in prospect as being a celebration of hard work and exemplary behaviour, for children from Reception to the current Year Six and what was a very well turned out returning Year Seven.

Marshalling her forces from imposing height of organisational thoroughness, the Head Teacher of this well supported Church of England primary school led us through the evening, aided and encouraged by her staff who appearing on cue would offer hushed but unruffled explanations for any unexpected change of name or order of the certificates being presented.

Teaching teamwork is always a joy to behold and although never having had a responsibility below Year Twelve I am always full of admiration for those who guide and foster the development of our young people in primary, especially within a well attended church school setting such as this, that included a most delightful sung rendition of the Lords Prayer.

My thanks to staff, governors, parents and all those who made it happen on the night, not least to Ursula Ovenden and the curate of St Anselm’s for their generous welcome and I look forward to hearing more about the school when I receive a copy of Archbishop Sumner’s Newsletter courtesy of their editor Nicole and Michael ;her wide-eyed news desk assistant.

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