Chinese Delegation visits Lambeth Council – Monday 17 September 2012

Fostering a Shanghai connection:

As the demands of the global village increases, the cultural visit has now been replaced by economic exchanges in an attempt to encourage co-operation across a wide range of development issues.  Lambeth as a progressive London Borough south of the river is more than ready to receive visitors and with the advantage of wearing our recently refurbished ceremonial chains of office, dated 1847; we were especially pleased to welcome a delegation from the People’s Republic of China arranged by Sino-UK Link with the emphasis still very much within the remit of culture.

In this capacity, the Mayor of Lambeth was able to play welcoming host to a group of trade officials from Jiading, an international northwest gateway that is now Shanghai and regarded as a first base in accelerating economic growth and development technology. 

Although the visit allowed for little more than an exchange of gifts and words of greeting from translators; before the group moved on for more structured presentations and detailed discussion, there was a serious learning point that needs to be recorded.  As an authority; we can influence even our most determined critics and hold our nerve against the toughest of negotiators, when presenting ourselves as local council who successfully did it the hard way; moving from the low base of disappointment through to changing entrenched opinions using self-belief and shared aspirations that are now a reality from which others may learn and benefit. 

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