2nd Lambeth Champions Ceremony – Wednesday 12 September 2012

Lambeth Champions recognised again!

Congratulations to our Communications Team Christine Loum and Claire Melia and their Director for another well managed and professionally delivered Lambeth Champions Award Presentation.

Attending this second presentation in company with our Chief Executive and Deputy Leader was an even more humbling experience than the first in the series.  Without exception self was always last to be considered in contributions that in themselves were inspiring stories that allowed the champions to explain in their own words what pride they had in their communities, with an attitude to life that quickly dismissed a shrug of the shoulders – `it’s not my problem’ response but instead got on with the job as a personal challenge.

The prospect of tackling huge tasks requiring enormous effort, were often summed up simply as “Oh I was just doing something for my local neighbourhood” and with each nomination the degree of altruism increased. 

Were we meeting special people or was it their unassuming ordinariness that is now something special in such a commercially acquisitive world and their sense of giving fuelling an inner pride of being of value to others as our Lambeth Champions?


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