Received in the Parlour by the Mayor of Lambeth Councillor Clive Bennett – Monday 13 August 2012

Meeting your neighbours is perhaps a routine experience or at times a case of necessity and sometimes a step into the unknown, but on Monday morning; just before twelve; it was instant rapport in the company of a true professional.  Welcoming our neighbour Celine Khor from the management team at the Electric just around the corner from the Town Hall; not only added fresh thoughts and an exciting new dimension to our plans for the Mayor’s Charity “Search for the Soul of Lambeth”, but the news that her directors were wholeheartedly backing the event by generously donating the use of the venue was immensely powerful.

In lending their weight to a project that the Mayoral Team and Mick Clark from i10 records have been working on in association with the Alzheimer’s Society is a substantial endorsement from the music industry. 

So good to meet you Celine and thank you Electric because with your support and advice we are now moving forward in searching for the original British music that we know is waiting to be heard and with it a star for 2013 that your generosity will have made possible.

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