Olympic Torch comes to Brixton – Thursday 26 July 2012

It was a day that could not have been planned, only hoped for.  It was a moment not to doubt or wonder why, but to enjoy and be part of an unreal and unexpected wave after wave of joyful anticipation fuelled by huge outpourings of cerebration that needed just such a sense of occasion to let everyone know in Windrush Square, just how we felt and how long we had waited and wanted to be seen this way.

Somehow we were together for reasons that were not obvious from the start.  With children held shoulder high and those watching from windows or from rooftops catching our enthusiastic mood because we had at last moved on and if you ask anyone who was there on Thursday July 26th 2012 you’ll hear about a chapter in our history; hand-written in the heat of the day, overflowing with such a freedom of expression that it carried us all along with an unashamedly vibrant pride of being in Lambeth and that along with the torch we had arrived and were there to enjoy the wild excitement of spontaneous welcome for our Olympic Flame.

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