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Received in the Parlour by the Mayor of Lambeth Councillor Clive Bennett – Monday 13 August 2012

Meeting your neighbours is perhaps a routine experience or at times a case of necessity and sometimes a step into the unknown, but on Monday morning; just before twelve; it was instant rapport in the company of a true professional.  Welcoming our neighbour Celine Khor from the management team at the Electric just around the corner from the Town Hall; not only added fresh thoughts and an exciting new dimension to our plans for the Mayor’s Charity “Search for the Soul of Lambeth”, but the news that her directors were wholeheartedly backing the event by generously donating the use of the venue was immensely powerful.

In lending their weight to a project that the Mayoral Team and Mick Clark from i10 records have been working on in association with the Alzheimer’s Society is a substantial endorsement from the music industry. 

So good to meet you Celine and thank you Electric because with your support and advice we are now moving forward in searching for the original British music that we know is waiting to be heard and with it a star for 2013 that your generosity will have made possible.

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St John the Devine Thanksgiving Service and Celebration of Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary of Independence – Sunday 5 August 2012

With well loved hymns and those broad smiles of welcome testimony to the phrase `Out of many – one people’ the congregation at St John the Devine came together in glorious celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Jamaican Independence. 

The high vaulted church echoed to everything that was Jamaica from dress style to floral display, from elaborate hats to the hastily unfurling of flags that were carried with unquestionable pride to the altar.  

Thank you so much for making it such a special occasion for us all to experience in a borough not short of enterprise or slow to express an alleluia with joyful conviction.

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Lambeth 2012 Festival of Culture – Thursday 2 August 2012

Good old reliable Clapham Common played host to The Lambeth Festival of Culture on Thursday with our Events and Community Sports Team earning high praise all round from the steady stream of enthusiastic visitors enjoying a great family fun day out.

It was a chance to applaud our Gold Medal Winners from the Balfour Beatty London Youth Games and the Thames Water Regatta, congratulating them and their coaches and thanking the sponsors for their continued support and encouragement for our Lambeth sporting heroes.

Although for a few it might have been under advertised but for the many it was an inspired day; plenty to do, safe, well organised and with entertainment for everyone using the right mix of quality exhibitors leading to comments like, `let’s have it again next year` and `I was beyond proud to say I live in Lambeth’; although the last word is reserved for the energy pumping Stonehenge lookalike.  This was a guaranteed hit for children of all ages and those of us harbouring a sense of fun and adventure and well worth the wait in a relaxed and orderly queue where Natasha and her little sister told us that it was just like their Dad, “Big, Brill and Bouncy”.

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Brixton Seventh-Day Adventist Church Community Guest Day – Saturday 28 July 2012

Work in the community is ongoing and sometimes getting to grips with it means taking a walk down a street that you’ve been down many times but never really seen beyond the brickwork, windows and doors.  Such was the experience of being welcomed as a community guest on Saturday by the elders at the Brixton Seventh-Day Adventist Church and their male choir who were rehearsing outside when I arrived.  A happy group of young men, led by their inspirational female conductor who allowed me to join them in an uplifting hymn “Go” and as a parting gift, a copy of the words in cementing a community welcome that I was so pleased to receive.

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Lambeth Family Link’s Annual General Meeting and Family Fun Day – Saturday 28 July 2012

Reading the Annual Report and Accounts at an AGM is usually contained within furrowed brow comments, but the sound advice delivered with rapport and understanding by Lambeth Family Links auditor Norman Robinson was a refreshing change.  It allowed us all to feel that despite the financial tensions the sharing and caring for special needs children and their families was well in hand and on track for another year. 

My thanks to Chair June Douglas, Director Marva Trenton and their committed team for an insight into the service provision available at the Max Roach Adventure Playground that echoed to the sound of `Jamaican Farewell’ from a Steel Band as I left for the next engagement.


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Olympic Torch comes to Brixton – Thursday 26 July 2012

It was a day that could not have been planned, only hoped for.  It was a moment not to doubt or wonder why, but to enjoy and be part of an unreal and unexpected wave after wave of joyful anticipation fuelled by huge outpourings of cerebration that needed just such a sense of occasion to let everyone know in Windrush Square, just how we felt and how long we had waited and wanted to be seen this way.

Somehow we were together for reasons that were not obvious from the start.  With children held shoulder high and those watching from windows or from rooftops catching our enthusiastic mood because we had at last moved on and if you ask anyone who was there on Thursday July 26th 2012 you’ll hear about a chapter in our history; hand-written in the heat of the day, overflowing with such a freedom of expression that it carried us all along with an unashamedly vibrant pride of being in Lambeth and that along with the torch we had arrived and were there to enjoy the wild excitement of spontaneous welcome for our Olympic Flame.

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