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Received in the Parlour by the Mayor of Lambeth Councillor Clive Bennett – Monday 9 July 2012

When an arrival is announced; the Mayor is never quite sure what to expect.  With Mick Clark an A & R man responsible for recording three American rhythm and blues acts including work with Soul II Soul, Maxi Priest and Loose Ends, it was forty five minutes of personal history spanning the progress of British R & B recording and his first meeting with Jazzie B back in 1981.

Mick is an irrepressible realist with a talent for giving financial legs to singer song writers who are quick to learn that staying alive as a recording artiste means fuelling enterprise and recognising that talent, however well it’s packaged is simply not enough.  The road to developing a `brand heritage’ like Jazzie B and Soul II Soul is littered with those who just didn’t take on the discipline of a musical endurance that keeps them recording at the same level of creative integrity year on year, something that those who seemed to have been around longer than the record labels have learned the hard way using the identifiable technique of a mainstream professional.

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Received in the Parlour by the Mayor of Lambeth Councillor Clive Bennett – Thursday 28 June 2012

A packed parlour said farewell to our colleague Len Lewis with his loyalty and commit to the borough reflected in over 47 years service, deservedly recorded by past Mayors, elected members and an impressive array of our senior officers including the Chief Executive.  The following week the Mayor hosted a most lively reception for some of our Head Teachers on the occasion of their retirement, with the demonstrable reassurance that their valuable contributions to Children and Young People Services in Lambeth will remain in safe hands with several of our current heads receiving prestigious awards for successfully co-ordinating change management programmes and guiding staff in demanding areas of teaching and learning.

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Received in the Parlour by the Mayor of Lambeth Councillor Clive Bennett – Monday 2 July 2012

Despite his busy schedule our Borough Commander Chief Superintendant Matt Bell OBE arrived for his meeting in the parlour with the good news that although police coverage for the Olympics would be demanding there might well be a positive outcome for local communities, since resources that are to be held on stand-by would if not called upon, become immediately available in support of our sector Inspectors and Safer Neighbourhood PCSO’s.

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Received in the Parlour by the Mayor of Lambeth Councillor Clive Bennett – Saturday 7 July 2012

Tony Moody with his galaxy of stars from Jamaica’s glorious cricketing past, were received with enormous enthusiasm by invited guests, family and friends in the presence of the Mayor and our Chief Executive. Although the fast bowling ferocity and run rates have moderated with time the sporting elegance and love of the game was there for us all to applaud ahead of their match at the Oval against a vintage England Eleven.  Such was the depth of assembled talent, the Mayor was anxious to find a copy of Wisdens but not before being in the audience on home turf at St Leonard’s Church for a most memorable performance of `Dido and Aeneas’ from the Streatham Choral Society and the Aurelian Ensemble under the musical direction of Simon Gregory.

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Streatham Odeon Cinema Olympic Games event – Saturday 21 July 2012

Meridian is the central character in the latest Disney movie now playing at the Odeon in Streatham where I caught up with Cinema Manager Sussannah Mortimer and General Manager David Carpenter on Saturday afternoon. 

`Brave’ is your local movie must.  Its just right for the holidays and if the games and activities waiting for you ahead of onscreen action, written for audiences of all ages are as much fun for you as they were for me then its entertainment all the way in the safe hands of Marie, Leon and Steve, our Odeon team who add that extra ingredient of welcome to the enjoyment of a delightful movie

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Friends of Clapham Manor Primary School and Children’s Centre Summer Fair – Saturday 7 July 2012

Foundations in learning begin in reception with the building blocks of social skills and a group belonging.  The reception class that is home to Lola, who greeted me at Clapham Manor School on Saturday with diction clarity and a smile that briefly put the clouds to flight, is a fine example of the work of our skilled teaching professionals. 

There are many extremely able reception teachers in our borough providing children like Lola with a safe and confident start to the learning journey. 

Thank you all and enjoy your holiday.

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Hampton Project Presenation of Awards – Wednesday 4 July 2012

Working with young learners who did not experience such a confident start is a responsibility that the Hampton Project, has taken on at their Drewstead Road site for over thirty years.  It’s a haven of recovery learning that I was very pleased to visit and where the level of results achieved and regular attendance recorded, is testimony to the generosity of time devoted to these students by the teaching staff and the commitment of a local authority keen to support a solution to crisis in preference to exclusion without hope.

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